My Nerd Corner

My Nerd Corner

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a little something to say...

With a few leftovers from a previous project, I created this Shabby Chic Card...leave no scrap unturned!

....Thank you.

Who says WE can't have an Easter basket too?!

Chic Easter Basket
I included several decorating options to choose from, but you are certainly not limited to them. There are endless possibilities to embellish this ensemble it just depends on your style. This was so easy and quick you will love the textures and  materials I used to create this and I think you will have just as much fun with this idea as I did. It's not too late to make one for yourself, your sister, mother or bff. There are so many basket fillers for these such as: candles, perfume, lotions, gift cards, jewlery, cards, craft supplies, or embellies. Just get creative and spread the love! (BTW; you can also create a masculine themed basket for the gents in your life as well!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is here! Time to get organized..yay!

Here is one of my organizing tricks: a re-purposed planter crate. Who would have thought huh? I found this treasure at a local thrift store and I originally bought it to organize my buttons. Now I have added flowers, jewels, butterflies, metal trinkets, and anything else that I could easily fit into these compartments.
This is one of my favorite organizing trays, I can just set it on my craft table and easily dig through my color coordinated embellishments. This tray is 14x14" and each compartment is about 4.5" wide so I can grab a fist-full without making a huge  mess!(granted I do have child-like hands lol) If you can find or build a wooden tray like this, you can paint it to your desired color and you will love it too! 8)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charming Charms

I just added some new vintage charms to this album and it definitely completes the vintage look I was going for when I designed this book. I attached a pretty cameo and locket to the dangling key chain. I also added a little chandelier crystal to dangle on one of the lower vines to add a little more glimmer(as if there wasn't enough Just wanted to share these little details with you hope you like it as much as I do.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I finished the shabby chic mixed media album I was working on a the Expo and it was so fun I just kept going and going until I was left with this amazing book. However, it was just super chubby.

 I guess that I wasn't keeping track of the overall size of the project. I was just in the zone and when I realized that I could no longer tie the ribbon closure the way I wanted to I chose to take advantage of this creative opportunity. I decided to remove some of the extra pages that I added to this album to create another album!

Now, not only do I have a lovely shabby chic album I have another one to gift ,or raffle off in my class, or maybe even sell, Yay!! and BTW, my first album closes perfectly now. 8)
Please feel free to ask questions you may have or leave comments and I will gladly reply asap. ;)