My Nerd Corner

My Nerd Corner

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is here! Time to get organized..yay!

Here is one of my organizing tricks: a re-purposed planter crate. Who would have thought huh? I found this treasure at a local thrift store and I originally bought it to organize my buttons. Now I have added flowers, jewels, butterflies, metal trinkets, and anything else that I could easily fit into these compartments.
This is one of my favorite organizing trays, I can just set it on my craft table and easily dig through my color coordinated embellishments. This tray is 14x14" and each compartment is about 4.5" wide so I can grab a fist-full without making a huge  mess!(granted I do have child-like hands lol) If you can find or build a wooden tray like this, you can paint it to your desired color and you will love it too! 8)

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  1. I use this organizing crate every time I am crafting at my table and I am probably adding to it just as much as I am taking from it! lol


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