My Nerd Corner

My Nerd Corner

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I finished the shabby chic mixed media album I was working on a the Expo and it was so fun I just kept going and going until I was left with this amazing book. However, it was just super chubby.

 I guess that I wasn't keeping track of the overall size of the project. I was just in the zone and when I realized that I could no longer tie the ribbon closure the way I wanted to I chose to take advantage of this creative opportunity. I decided to remove some of the extra pages that I added to this album to create another album!

Now, not only do I have a lovely shabby chic album I have another one to gift ,or raffle off in my class, or maybe even sell, Yay!! and BTW, my first album closes perfectly now. 8)
Please feel free to ask questions you may have or leave comments and I will gladly reply asap. ;)


  1. Newest follower from linked in :) I'd love it if you checked out my blog! You are one talented girl - love your scrapbooking posts! That is my first crafting passion :)

    1. Welcome Elizabeth! Thank you for joining the party! I appreciate your sweet comment. Can't wait to check out your blog...8) Have a Blessed day!


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