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My Nerd Corner

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scrapbook Expo 2012 Pleasanton,CA

Wow!  What a fun trip, I am home now with my sweet family that I missed dearly, but it was an awesome weekend at the Expo. Katie and I enjoyed the show and the crop parties. I met so many new people from different corners of the Arts and Crafts industry. I loved making new friends and learning new tricks to the trade. Took advantage of  a few opportunities to share my style and techniques with a few admirers in exchange for their much appreciated feedback.

Friday nights crop party was a beach theme which was a little ironic considering the big rain storm, but it was nice to feel like we were at the beach inside...(we cheated the system)8D

Saturday's crop had a spa pamper theme, which was absolutely perfect! After  hauling my "truckload" of treasures everywhere..(scrappers occupational hazzard) it was a miracle to find a licensed massage technician ready and available to take care of me. We had a choice to wear our favorite pajamas (I chose to wear my lucky t-shirt for St. Patrick's day..whoo-hoo! And yes ladies! (and gents!) there was a manicure,pedicure tech there too! Isn't that great?! Definitely something I would like add to my next crop...along with all the yummy cake-pops!...We always love to check out the showroom and jump on a few great deals on supplies and tools. Make-n-takes are fun and they had some interesting demos and classes there too!

In the midst of all this fun I was able to create a mini shabby chic album and ill give you a sneak peak at it in these photos, be sure to check it out and tell me what you think before I put the finishing touches on it...8)

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  1. Hello, Rana- I'm visiting here via your post on LinkedIn - Lovely blog! (Lovlier room!!) I look forward to keeping in touch... I attended the Annaheim Expo in Feb. fun stuff, huh?! Come visit me sometime - - ;-)


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